Tracking with google Latitude

Google had launched the Google Latitude… suppose to be working with
Android phone and also PC.
If you ever used the Maxis Friend Finder.. this surely far more interesting..
provided you got the Android phone.. hehehee.
But PC user can also manually set their location and let others know where you are about.. a lot of thing tend to be easier nowadays..


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3 Responses

  1. ahstod says:

    haha … good to know, if I’m ever there …
    … can use my The Store card to collect points. 😎

  2. ifah says:

    parkson dah bukak….jalan kat bandar pon dah banyak yg kenalah hati2 nnt pak misai bg surat love letter…banyak jalan yang dulunya two way dah jd one way..ada yg xleh lalu lg..better watch out

  3. zyhan says:

    lama xbalik kelantan.xsabar nak balik kelntan raya nie..wah lagi best when i will get shopping at a new place.after kb mall and now packson is alraedy open for excited when i hear this news…hope after this kelantan got a great cinema….miss u kelantan.


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