How to upgrade the firmware for DLINK 3G Router DIR-451

In this post i will explain on “How to upgrade the firmware for DLINK 3G Router DIR-451”..

One of our 3G Router went mad.. and keep rebooting itself after a few minute being online..
and after a while .. it can’t hold long enough so that can access to the router webpage..

the ping reply only up to 3 response .. then died.. can’t even get the router webpage load..

at first I tried to reset to the factory setting.. but holding the reset button for 10sec ,
and wait for it to reboot..

but to no avail.. it still rebooting no matter what..

then I tried to download the latest firmware from
which somehow redirecting me to during downloading the file..

the latest 1.20 some how went missing from the webserver..

so downloaded the 1.03B instead.. as the current one was 1.02 according to manual.. can use the firmware upgrade
page within the GUI interface.. but when it is keep rebooting itself without enough time to get the GUI up ..
then how?
[ad#postad] fiddling with it a bit… I found that.. by holding the reset button during powering up the router can make it
load the emergency firmware upgrade page.. at
no login required..

it is a form with uploader .. only..

extract the file from and rename the binary file inside to something short such as “103”..

then browse… Press
“Send” button and pray..

if succeed ..this screen will popup..
after that just matter of waiting for it to reboot..

and to my surprise.. the old setting such as ip address..wifi ESSID .. are all still there..

this is the GUI look  like after upgraded..


re-configure it just to bridge the WIFI and LAN into same network.. by doing this :

1. put in a fixed ip address in same network and enable DNS relay..

2.disable the DHCP server.. as another DHCP server already running at my gateway box..

3. disable the dialer for Internet Setting in this 3G Router.


p/s : if can fit OpenWRT firmware will be much merrier though.. 😎

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  1. Patrick says:

    I was just curious as to what you use for your desktop OS? Is it primarily CentOS or Ubuntu? I’m considering CentOS but I haven’t seen many articles about really using it for a workstation.

  2. owen says:

    Did you get further into GWT?

    Btw GWT is just javascript compiled via Java’s JRE, and the produced code is simply javascript. So if you want to code JS the most professional way – like IDE dev support, step debugging, and unit tests – use GWT.

    For me, I just love java. C# had a great future but Microsoft managed to screw it up somehow.


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