SEO Text Browser with score

Due to my anger with on the other day..
I bump on to [] ..

And somehow at the left menu.. it got “SEO Text Browser”..
When I click on it.. another iframe browser popup inside the page.. enter a address.. and puff.. it come up with a SEO text browser for the page.. and also the score beside the “go” button..
hmm.. and also got some info on how to optimize the SEO..
the reload button also cool.. try changing the blog themes and reload that SEO text .. it reflect the score immediately ..

how nice..

In the Optimization Notes ..

“Optimization Score : 95%” with  the old themes.. huh..~.. then decided to permanently reverted back to old one..until  I got my custom theme in place..

seo2there are few others such as :


p/s : Does SEO really matters to you,anyway ?

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2 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    I was just curious as to what you use for your desktop OS? Is it primarily CentOS or Ubuntu? I’m considering CentOS but I haven’t seen many articles about really using it for a workstation.

  2. owen says:

    Did you get further into GWT?

    Btw GWT is just javascript compiled via Java’s JRE, and the produced code is simply javascript. So if you want to code JS the most professional way – like IDE dev support, step debugging, and unit tests – use GWT.

    For me, I just love java. C# had a great future but Microsoft managed to screw it up somehow.


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