Kuching International Airport walk-about inside

I just arrived Kuching International Airport,Sarawak ( Malaysia ) for the first time in my life..

well.. this time I took AirAsia..
from the air trip this morning.. leaving LCCT-KLIA around 9.45a.m , arriving at 11.20 am..
ten minute before ETA..

there are a lot of cloud… or something called haze..
hardly can see the land from up there.. while landing..

after landing… the process just as smooth as it could..
using MyKad of course.. and also got one piece of paper saying that..
I am allowed to stay for NINETY DAYS..
and have to represent it when returning to KL. hehehe

Last night went to carrefour Kepong..searching for this mask..
the mask

Watson said.. ‘Sorry all mask have been sold out..’

Guardian.. “Got only this type .. RM 1.10 one pcs.. RM 50 for a box”

hehe..bought only 5…wearing this from home.. 🙂

Damansara Damai -> Hentian Putra -> Flora Damansara -> KL Sentral -> LCCT KLIA.

walking ..

Luggage claiming..

Arrival hall..


Front door..


it cost me RM22 for a ride from airport to Dormani Hotel..

that’s all for now..

p/s : i think it is cooler here compared to KL.. provided the time is at 1.00 – 2.00 pm.
could be because of haze..

hehehe.. wearing the mask sometime made me feel like to suffocate ..

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