Hmm.. KLCC surrounded by cloud, this time I did’nt managed to get to PC Fair III at all..

the night before  can’t sleep.. took an image of the moon.. but somehow not that good quality at all.


Morning.. got too bored i think.. took a pic of KLCC surrounded by cloud.


would’nt be complete  without the night view below KLCC few hours later..



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One Response

  1. ahstod says:

    Mathematics for children at that age is so nice. Only addition and subtraction. Things either exist or don’t exist. Very fair.

    When you grow up, you learn multiply and divide, which leads to … PERCENTAGE.

    It means things appear to exist but somehow less than what it seems. How do you learn what PERCENTAGE means?

    You get salary $XXX …
    EPF take out %yy …
    income tax take out %zz ..
    SOCSO take out %aa …
    what are you left with?



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