Tears Don’t Fall ~ Voyage from Papua New Guinea

That was the last day I was at the Western Province of the Papua New Guinea, then only realized that such short trip actually
made me more human 🙂

A lot of thing not revolve just around us.. but also beyond what is called ‘humanity’ .

This is what we are coming for.. to install a Automatic Weather Station at one place inside of Western Province, Papua New Guinea.
The job have been completed and running on the 2nd day of our trip…( 27 November 2009.. )
the same day as 10 Zulhijjah.. for those celebrating AidilAdha.. 🙂 ( terribly sorry for not able to join you guys.. )

.. on the last day we visited the secondary school at Awaba..
one of our other team is giving “environmental awareness” speech at the assembly hall that day..

the scenary is amazing.. ( this one exactly in front of the community clinic.. )

we’re truly excited to get home that day.. hehehehe

because …


p/s : .. it is really an awesome experience, once in lifetime to be at Western Province,Papua New Guinea..
and witnessing the variety created by God for us..

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7 Responses

  1. myxery™ says:

    jgn lupa wat balik gambir sarawak…

    • namran says:

      mung nok wat gapo ngan gambir sarawak tue ..
      isk3… kawen la cepat.. muahahaha..

      banyak sungguh museum kat cnie…hehehehe

  2. myxery™ says:

    kawen tu meme nok, tp xjupo calon utk jd suri lg… kalu jupo lama doh aku masuk meminang, apakan daya

  3. nichol says:

    don’t forget souvenir , yeah !

  4. namran says:

    Aiya.. forgot to buy already .

    how ah?.. hehehehe

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